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Spécialist of flows

France - Luxembourg - Belgique - Netherland - Germany - England - Spain - Italy - Portugal

Abilities :

A confirmed experience :

  • Qualimat certification
  • Just-in-time long flows for the car industry
  • flows for the mass-market retailing with all its constraints 
  • European flows long distance of vrac
  • container flows from Zeebrugge, Anvers and french ports
  • warehousing and deliveries


A privileged listening

sustained relationship and expert advices


Personalized solutions

Understanding your expectations, qualifying your needs, taking into account your specific needs in compliance


Competitive prices

The search for economies at every level for a quality service at the best price


A strong reactivity

A team, optimum organization and know-how allowing greater reactivity



A facilitated communication and an effective information feedback


Strategies of diversification and innovation

Varied and scalable transport services


Sustainable development

Maintained equipments and Euro5 vehicles for a reduction of the consumptions of fuel and CO2 emission



The requierement of our customers makes us progress

  • Understand your expectations
  • Qualify your needs
  • Foster good relationship
  • Show our expertise